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Friday, 23 November 2012



Lately I have been asked great questions about Triệu Con Tim, Một Tiếng Nói campaign. Let me share some of my thoughts with you. ♥ Lâm Thúy Vân

1. What motivates the Vietnamese youth movement around the world to participate in the campaign?
Definitely Parents! Like myself, my parents never really sat us down and told us kids what really happened with the FALL of Vietnam. What sacrifices were made and what we
had lost. The most painful part for me is the lost of my country. A sense of what is mine was taken away from me. How do I feel when kids at school pick on me and told me to go back to my country? Where do I go? What can I say to them? Of course those of us that were fortunate enough to get out and be in other foreign countries with freedom and opportunities don't realize that no matter what, we still are considered foreigners. So why do we always strive to do good in school and be the best that we could be? We use what we were given. The gift of opportunities and to do something about the fact that this life, this home, was taken from us. We choose to help those that are still back home so when people ask what have you done for your country, we can answer with pride and honor to say "HUMAN RIGHTS!" which was taken from us.

2. What methods do you believe are effective to encourage youths to be more involved?
I find that parents have to educate and involve their children in community work and events when they're young. Like learning to read and write in Vietnamese along with our Vietnamese History told by us, the Vietnamese and not what is taught by people who are not emotionally attached to it . We educate our children. Knowledge of our roots and backgrounds are so important. We hope to teach this need for their involvement when they are young and hope that with a strong backbone, it will carry with them when they grow to be students in high school and college. These are the leaders that go on and build Vietnamese American Student Associations world wide. I feel we have to build a bridge that connects our alliance with our Vietnamese Youth, because they are the future and they have the knowledge and power to be the wind of change for a brighter Vietnam.

3. What do you hope to accomplish with Triệu Con Tim, Một Tiếng Nói campaign?
This is the biggest step that the Vietnamese people worldwide have taken so far. I feel that it is time for us, to stand up and be UNITED!!! No one person, or group is strong enough to fight for a good cause. It has to be a whole nation's work! As long as we are UNITED anything can be possible. I really believe in that. It has really touched me to see that we are on track of the word UNITED. As for an accomplishment? I want our VOICES to be heard and actions to be taken!

4. What major obstacles have you faced with the campaign thus far?
Obstacles....During this campaign as I'm reaching out...I find that FEAR is an issue. Living in a free country, what do we have to be afraid of? Are we going to be scared the rest of our lives? I've received some emails stating that some love their country and are very patriotic but they have family back home. I could understand the mixed feelings. But if you have family back home wouldn't that give you more of a will power to fight for what they deserve? As a Vietnamese singer and a public figure, some believe that I am taking risk. They think that this stand I am taking will cause me to lose fans. They think I am over stepping my bounds as I walk strongly into this political stand. I disagree, because first of all, I'm not a political type person. I always make decisions according to my heart. Love is all I have to offer. Born into a mixed race, I love my mom and the country she once had. I don't know politics and I don't care to get into it. All I know is, do what's right! I have children and I know you have children, so what can we tell our kids when we say, " We are Vietnamese." Like Truc Ho said...."Let us be the change of wind" I love that line the most in "Trieu Con Tim."

5. What do you ultimately want to see happen with the Vietnamese youth diaspora around the world?
When I'm older, it's happening, I would love to see my girls stand and unite with the millions of other Vietnamese youth around the world knowing that HUMAN RIGHTS was given to the people of Vietnam because we believed and fought for it. Until then, we as the Vietnamese people living around the world have to stand together and UNITE (DOAN KET) for this dream to come true. May our voices be heard!

Friends, please give back by signing the petition here: https://www.facebook.com/TrieuConTimMotTiengNoi/app_190322544333196?ref=ts

♥ Lâm Thúy Vân



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