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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Thành Phố Riverside kết nghĩa vớiThành Phố Cần Thơ: Treo cờ máu cộng sản khiêu khích cộng động tỵ nạn hải ngoại

Thành Phố Riverside kết nghĩa "chị em" với Thành Phố Cần Thơ, treo cờ máu cộng sản khiêu khích cộng động tỵ nạn hải ngoại

Little Saigon ngày 23 tháng 1 năm 2015

Kính thưa Quý Đồng Hương,

Trong tinh thần tiếp tay với cộng đồng chống Việt cộng, chống Việt gian, tôi xin "báo cáo" đến quý vị về sự kiện Thành Phố Riverside tại Nam California kết nghĩa "chị em" với Thành Phố Cần Thơ, Việt Nam, đặc biệt hơn nữa là tấm bảng có cờ máu cộng sản màu đỏ sao vàng được dựng ngay tại Thành Phố Riverside.

Tôi xin đính kèm theo đây một số tài liệu, báo chí, phim, ảnh để quý vị tham khảo và tùy nghi. Là "phó thường dân," do đó tôi chờ đợi sự lên tiếng và phản ứng của quý vị lãnh đạo cộng đồng, các tổ chức chống cộng, các đảng phái chính trị, các vị dân cử gốc Việt v.v... Tôi luôn sẵn sàng đóng góp bàn tay nhỏ bé của mình nếu quý vị lãnh đạo cộng đồng đưa ra chương trình hành động để đối phó với sự kiện khiêu khích tập thể người Việt tỵ nạn cộng sản của Thành Phố Riverside.

Tôi hy vọng rằng khí thế đấu tranh chống cộng sản, chống Việt gian hiện tại của tập thể người Việt tỵ nạn cộng sản tại Nam California nói riêng, và hải ngoại nói chung vẫn không khác gì so với cái khí thế đấu tranh sôi sục trong 53 ngày đêm mà cộng đồng đã biểu dương trong việc biểu tình chống đối tên Việt gian Trần Trường treo cờ máu và hình Hồ Chí Minh tại tiệm Hi-Tek Video trên đường Bolsa, Thành Phố Westminster, vùng Little Saigon vào năm 1999.

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RIVERSIDE: Despite controversy, Can Tho, Vietnam becomes sister city

An agreement is signed Tuesday creating Riverside’s ninth sister city link. The pact had faced some opposition in the community.

Riverside Mayor William "Rusty" Bailey and Le Hung Dung, chairman of the People's Committee of Can Tho City, unveil the Can Tho sister sister sign at White Park in Riverside. It is Riverside's ninth sister city.

Published: Jan. 20, 2015 Updated: Jan. 21, 2015 10:27 a.m.


Riverside formally made Can Tho, Vietnam, its ninth sister city on Tuesday.
CAN THO: With a name that means "river of poems," it has a population of 1.2 million and is known for its universities and its rice-growing industry.
PLANS: Officials hope to work together on university research, student exchanges and business investment.
FAMILY: Riverside's other sister cities are:
  • Jiangman, China
  • Erlangen, Germany
  • Obuasi, Ghana
  • Hyderabad, India;
  • Sendai, Japan
  • Gangnam, South Korea
  • Ensenada, Mexico
  • Cuautla, Mexico
Riverside’s controversial proposal to form a sister city relationship with Can Tho, Vietnam, came to fruition Tuesday with heartfelt handshakes and an agreement signed by both cities.
Riverside and Can Tho’s relationship was several years in the making, and it wasn’t formalized until Riverside officials had overcome some, but not all, objections in the community.
“It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me,” said Riverside resident John Cole, a veteran of the Marines who served in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. “The people and the infrastructure and the businesses of America need that attention (rather than foreign cities) and they’re not getting it.”
But officials with both cities said their friendship is a new opportunity for cultural, educational and economic exchange. The two cities share an agricultural past and a present as university towns, Riverside Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey said.
“It’s time for us to take that step with Vietnam ... and extend our hand in friendship and peace,” he said.
On Tuesday, officials signed a formal agreement between the cities. The auspicious number nine was featured heavily.
Vietnamese officials visiting for the occasion said nine is considered a lucky number in their culture, and they pointed out that Can Tho is Riverside’s ninth sister city, a signpost with the names of all nine foreign cities is at Ninth Street downtown, and Can Tho is 8,279 miles from Riverside.
The relationship is the ninth such friendship between U.S. and Vietnamese cities, according to the nonprofit Sister Cities International.
A Can Tho placard was unveiled Tuesday on a signpost by White Park that lists Riverside’s sister cities in China, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, South Korea and two in Mexico.
Le Hung Dung, chairman of the People’s Committee of Can Tho City – similar to the mayor – was part of an 18-person delegation that came to Riverside for the event. He said he expects the friendship to give the cities a chance to better understand each other and to offer educational exchange.
Though this year is the 20th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Vietnam, relations in some communities remain rocky.
When the sister city idea was raised in Riverside in mid-2012, some local Vietnam War veterans and other residents said the friendship would be insulting to veterans and questioned establishing ties with a communist-governed country. The International Relations Council backed off for more than a year to try to build community support.
Some voiced opposition when the City Council decided on a split vote to add Can Tho as a sister city in March, and residents like Cole say they haven’t changed their minds.
Cole said many who served in Vietnam “believe that there are still American soldiers in Vietnam that they haven’t come clean about,” and he compared the situation to that of Cuba, where U.S. officials plan to end a decades-long freeze on diplomacy.
“Because they had a communist government, now what we’re telling the world is, ‘Hey, if you just hold out long enough what you’re doing will be OK with us,’ which is wrong, I believe,” Cole said.
But Councilman Mike Soubirous, who cast one of three no votes, said most of his constituents didn’t support the relationship, but now that the decision has been made, “I am fully on board to support what our council has done.”
Bill Gavitt, a Vietnam veteran and past president of the International Relations Council, has always supported the sister city plan.
“I have not heard any grumbling about this at all” from fellow veterans recently, he said. “This is all about making peace, not war.”
UC Riverside history professor David Biggs, who specializes in South Asia and has lived in Can Tho, said the relationship will offer opportunities for shared research, especially on the environment and agriculture.
With more than a million people in Can Tho, “I think it’s a great place to consider for investment and (business) partnerships,” Biggs said.
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