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Monday, 14 September 2015

HOUSTON: Người VN bị cướp tấn công dùng dao cắt cổ nạn nhân ,tại drive way

Xin chuyển tiếp để xem. Hãy luôn thận trọng !

Người VN bị cướp tấn công tại drive way nhà mình
& bị cắt cổ trong nhà ở khu Bellaire, Houston.

Xin quý vị đọc tin này để đề phòng .
Chị Mai Trần lái xe về nhà buổi tối , bị cướp tấn công ngay drive way của nhà mình ngay khu Bellaire .

 A Houston woman survived a vicious attack at the hands of a man armed with a butcher knife. 
Jennifer Bauer reports.
http://m.click2houston.com/news/woman-speaks-out-after-robbers-brutal-attack/35232040 A Houston woman survived a vicious attack at the hands of a man armed with a butcher knife.
Mai Tran had just dropped her son off at school on Sept. 2, she pulled into the carport at her home in southwest Houston, and a man with a gun got in. He demanded they drive to an ATM for cash, but Tran couldn’t remember her PIN. They drove back to her home and that’s where the vicious attack happened and lasted for an hour.
"He hit me and cut me," Tran said. "He took a knife and cut my neck."
Tran said the attacker then tied her hands with a pair of pajama pants and ransacked her home, stealing everything inside. Before he left he grabbed a butcher knife, slashed her throat and left her for dead on the floor. Bleeding and unconscious, Tran eventually woke up.
"When I woke up I knocked on the neighbor's door and he helped me call 911," she said.
When the police arrived, the married mother of two wrote a message in her own blood on the floor, she was afraid she wouldn’t make it and wanted the police to relay a message to her family.
"I wrote: 'I love my husband. I love my son. I don’t want to die,’”
Police were able to locate Tran’s stolen Cadillac by tracking her cellphone, which was inside. Within two hours, Houston police found and arrested a suspect. Christopher Richardson has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.
"I can’t sleep," Tran said. "When I sleep I see him and I wake up."
After nine days in the hospital, Tran was released on Friday. She had surgery to repair her airway.
She is happy to be home and is recovering.
"I lost a lot of blood, I can’t believe I am alive now," she said.
Tran's friends have set up a GoFundMe account for her growing medical bills. Click here if you are interested in donating.


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