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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Cộng Đồng: Một Gia Đình VN bị cướp tại SW Houston

SGN - Husband Tuan shot in Houston

We are Saigon Network Televison (SGN) in Houston, creating this GoFundMe campaign to help an unfortunate family in Houston Texas who have had a terrible tragedy. Here is their story.

Mrs Thuy Van and her family live in Houston, Texas. Ten days ago, her husband named Tuan was robbed and shot in head in front of their house. He is 33, unemployed and has 2 children. The family has been very poor and living under low income conditions. This unfortunate event just makes their situation even worse.

Therefore, on behalf of Mrs Thuy Van family, we ask for community support, especially financially, to help them cover the medical expenses. They really need your help now and will appreciate any amount. Please share with others so their story can be heard.

If you would like to know more information or other ways to help Mrs Thuy Van family, please contact Saigon Network Television at:
10613 Bellaire Blvd, Suite 270, Houston, Texas 77072
Website: www.saigonnetwork.tv

Thank you for reading. Please take actions!



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